Anchor Snubber & Bridle Size Calculator

The anchor snubber and bridle size calculator below is designed to provide directional estimates for optimal snubber line diameter and length for 3-strand nylon. The results indicate the diameter and length of line required to absorb the kinetic energy of the boat for the weight and speed provided.

Calculator Details

The calculator uses the formula for kinetic energy, KE = 1/2 Mass X Velocity2, to calculate the energy generated by the boat.

The capacity of the snubber or bridle to absorb the kinetic energy of the boat is calculated using the elastic potential energy formula PE = 1/2 kx2 where k is the spring constant and x is the displacement. The spring constant is calculated using Hook's law k = F/x, where F is the force needed to extend the spring and x is the displacement length. We use 10% elongation at 20% minimum break strength to determine displacement.

The following deductions in strength are built into the calculator:
1. When wet, nylon's strength is reduced ~12%
2. Splicing reduces nylon's strength ~10%
3. Hard (or thimbled) eye reduces nylon's strength ~20%