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What? An entire website created for anchor snubbing? If it were not for the extended isolation during COVID 19 this site wouldn't have happened. Anyway, it's launched and as the site moniker states, it's way more information than you ever needed to know about this simple adjunct to the ground tackle system.

Why create it? Several reasons:

- There's considerable information on the web about this obscure topic but the nuggets necessary to fully understand it require hours of searching and reading. This topic is not addressed comprehensively in any single place; I want to change that. My hope is this site satiates everyone, from those desiring a basic understanding to the most ardent inquisitors.

- While much of the information on the web is directionally correct, some needs to be addressed. For example, there's a tendency to steer folks to large line diameters and short leg lengths. Most manufacturers' sizing recommendations, cruisers who spend hundreds of nights at anchor, and the physics all run counter to the larger diameter and shorter leg length recommendations. So, with the assistance of a long-time college buddy who was an ME before becoming a professor, we developed a calculator that better expresses the rope acting as a spring and the potential energy of the rope absorbing the kinetic energy generated by the boat. We now have a better foundation from which to estimate rope diameter and length based on the boat's weight, length and speed at anchor. We've shared it on the Snubber Size Calculator page.

- Finally, as a manufacturer, I'm immersed in all things mooring and always learning about this niche area of the marine industry. I seek feedback from customers and other sailors, read regularly, and document my own experiences on the water. As such, I'm always fine-tuning our product and recommendations to customers based on the latest learnings. Sharing this information beyond my customers is important in educating the broader boating community.

There a many people well-versed in this subject and folks who spend 100's of nights at anchor every year; I value their opinions and always welcome feedback. I've included references to their work on the Resources page as well.

Doug Neil
48° North Marine

Publish Date: 11/17/2020
Last Update: 3/2/2022

Emails reporting errors or omissions, suggestions and constructive criticisms are always appreciated. Changes to content will be made where appropriate.